Derivatives and collateralised master funding documentation

Drafting and Negotiating Derivatives Documentation


  • ISDA Master

  • Master confirmations

  • CSAs 

Review & Advise on Funding Documentation

  • Prime brokerage

  • GMRAs

  • GMSLAs 

Our Approach

Clearpoint Advisors have a very practical approach to the review and negotiation of documentation.

Our background and skills in banking, finance and law allows us to focus on the economics and the legal elements.


A lawyer has to know the commercial and economics of deals.


Its how the documentation works in the real world that counts!

Our review will inform you of the issues and provide options and recommendations.  


We  focus on where the real risks lie for fund counterparties with our aim to highlight; the risks around valuations, the issue of rights over collateral, powers of sale, set-off and liability.


Bank counterparties use combinations of master agreements, prime broker and terms of business that interact to over-ride or counter clauses in one agreement over another.  We look at the whole relationship with a counterparty and how to risk manage that relationship via the documentation.


  • ISDA master schedule review and response:  £1,800.00 - £2,000.00.

  • Credit Support Annex: £250.00.

  • Other confirmations of size (equity master confirms or prime brokerage master confirmations): £500.00 - £750.00.

  • Prime Broker Agreement incl. terms of business:  £2000.00 - £3,000.00.

What we do